Poisonous Minds

If you enjoy stories of true crimes, unsolved mysteries and the unknown? If so, you came to the right place!

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Saturday Oct 31, 2020

The story of Karen Styles is more like a real life horror story. How beautiful National Forests and Parks can attract family fun and devastations. Murder, miscarriages of justice and madness fill this nightmare. 

Friday Aug 28, 2020

When purchasing your dream home you never expect to start receiving letters from someone claiming to be "The Watcher" of your home for decades. This story is how a families dream home became their worst nightmare.

Monday Jul 27, 2020

In early 2007, what was supposed to be a quiet date night turned into a young Knoxville, TN couples worst nightmare. Suddenly they are carjacked and abducted from a friends apartment complex late at night and would never be heard from again but their story will be one you will never forget.

Thursday Jul 16, 2020

I will be covering the brutal murders of two pregnant sisters, Sharon Pope DeJesus & Lillian Pope in East Area, Indiana on a cold December night in 1973. This case is full of misfortunes and has been cold for years and may possibly be closed.

Tuesday Jul 07, 2020

Host Brit retells the gruesome tale of former Stagg High School student, John Granat Jr. who grooms & organized the brutal execution of his parents with the help of his friends.

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